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1114YT- MESH, “BIG T” SWEATER, Make any size from Adult Small to XL, using the simple foundation chain which measures from wrist to opposite wrist.
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Worsted weight yarn
Any size yarn and any size hook
Yarn needle

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1.  Adult small: Chain a cord that measures 58 inches, or reaches from wrist to wrist.
    All other sizes, chain a cord that reaches across the front of the body from wrist to wrist.
2.  Double crochet in the 3rd stitch from the hook, and each stitch of the chain.
3.  Chain 3 and turn, working in the back side of the stitch only, double crochet in
    each stitch across the row.
4.  Repeat step 3 until the work is as long as needed to reach from the shoulders to
    underarm, (for the width of the sleeves), then continue to work only the body.
5.  Determine how many stitches are needed for the body of the sweater by
holding the work in front of the body from underarm to underarm across the chest, or use your
chest measurement.  Divide the remaining number of stitches by 2, and allocate those
stitches on each side of the body, for the arms.  See the video for a better demonstration.
    Slip stitch to the underarm of the sweater, then chain 3, and work across the
    front, stopping at the opposite underarm. (Working only the body section now.)
6.  Chain 3 and turn, double crochet in each stitch across the body of the sweater.
7.  Repeat step 6 until the sweater is as long as desired, fasten off.
8.  Make another identical section.
9.  Stack the 2 sections, mark an opening for pulling the sweater on over the head. (The opening
    should be 22 to 24 inches, as large as needed to pull over the head.)
10. Attach the 2 sections together with a row of single crochet stitches to form a seam, (see the
    video for a more thorough explanation).  Weave all yarn ends into the finished work.